11.3 GIANT 104mm wide 8 Day GOLIATH Pocket Watch. Open Face. 104mm. Stem Wound / Pin Set. Circa 1910

This is a Giant sized metal cased Swiss pocket watch made circa 1910 I have taken an image of the watch next to a traditional 65mm Goliath watch and a 49mm wide watch. Please note that this sale is for the larger watch only and does not include the smaller one Please note: This is a PATENT Watch.This watch was made with a gap on the dial above the 12 to accommodate a light bulb. By the one there is an electrical input and the watch box the watch comes in see below would have accommodated a battery and the watch would have sat on top of this battery in the box. This is included with the watch but not shown in the images

Movement gilt plate movement has a lever escapement and an 8 day Mainspring. The movement is most likely made by Omega apart from a serial number there is no signature. The movement measures 64.8 on the back plate and is in 95% mint condition light scratches Case the movement comes in a massive white metal case, which has a hinged inner and back and a snap on bezel. The case has a gilt finish inside the bezel creating a nice effect around the dial. The case has a smooth plain finish and is in 80% mint condition some scratches and marks on the back

Dial the white enamel dial has large bold numbers and is signed M.M & Co, Patent, Swiss Made and is in 99% mint condition light marks only. The watch has a bevelled mineral glass. The watch measures 104mm wide x 154mm long inc bow x 25mm deep The watch comes in a massive leather covered wooden box which has initials on the front GL. The box once had a large cavity to store the battery to light the bulb. This cavity has now been filled with miscellaneous pieces of wood. The watch sits in a specially made compartmental slot. The box would once have had a handle, now missing and only hole remain. The box is not in good condition but is a nice addition to this watch. The box measures 160mm x 149mm x 90mm

1950 including shipping -