13.33 Glass Dome and Wooden Watch Stand and Watch Chain Compartment. Circa 1880

This is a wooden watch stand with a hinged, domed glass cover. The round base has 3 wooden button feet. This supports a large base with sloping wooden sides. The base is decorated with applied wooden discs and strips of bone Above the base is a circular wooden bezel, which is held in place with a hinge. This bezel supports the domed glass. This hinges open to reveal a wooden stand and plinth. The plinth has turned detailing and supports the round metal watch holder. This is lined with velvet. The watch sits within or on top of the metallic rim and / or circular recess and the stem is supported by a pin. Then if you hinge this open, there is a secret recess for a watch chain, key etc The stand will take a watch 35 – 39mm in diameter – smaller sized watches only. The stand measures 130mm wide x 115cm high. The stand is in 80% mint condition –some of the bone strips / wooden disc etc have broken in places The stand has some rust on the hinge and also some light cracks around the hinge Finally two of the feet have damage around where they are joined to the base and have been re glued into position. This damage sounds much worse than it is, I have gone over the stand with an eye glass and overall this stand is in still in great condition

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