13.65 Unusual Georgian Pocket Watch Stand. Circa 1800

This is a gilt metal stand made circa 1800. The stand has a 3 footed base with engraved detailing and a swirl on the end of each foot. The base supports a Corinthian column with striated sides and carved detailing on the top. The column supports a gantry which has an adjustable hook, which can be loosened by unscrewing the top, then moved up or down the gantry, depending on the weight of the watch, thus ensuring the stand will not topple over. The Stand has a little damage on top there is a gilt hook, to hold a chain, key etc. There should be one on the other side too but this is missing. The Stand also has lost some of its gilding but is still a very unusual piece. The stand will take almost any size pocket watch. The stand measures 90mm wide on the base x 135mm high

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