13.7 Early Father Time Pocket Watch Stand. Circa 1750

This is a very large pocket watch stand which measures 15cm wide on the base x 30cm high. The gilt stand has a large 3 finger foot which supports the gilt flat stand. The stand is decorated with elaborate detailing and carving of Old Father Time in the lower center. Below him is a parrot. Above him is a cherub, , baskets of flowers, rushes and a cockerel. All the detailing is in high relief and of superb quality. Above old father time is the aperture for the pocket watch. The watch is held in place by a star shaped clamp on a spring release. This clamp can be opened and closed by a lever on the back and because this is sprung, it will keep a watch firmly in place The watch stand will take most verge pocket watches with as the aperture is shaped to accommodate the domed shape of the glass and dial The stand is in 95% mint condition –mint condition but the figure is missing his scythe

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