3.5 Ultra Rare SIDEREAL Dial Pocket Watch with Split Seconds Chronograph Function. Open Face. 54mm. Stem Wound / Pin Set. Circa 1890

Movement – the gilt 3 finger bridge movement has a lever escapement and is stamped with a logo. The movement is signed “no 12 and I, Brevete, Patent Apl for, Pat 29 Jan 89, DRP No 46073” and is in 100% mint condition

Case – the movement comes in a much deeper silver case than normal. The case is much heavier than a normal watch of this size. The case has a hinged inner, back and front cover. The case is decorated with engine turning and has a vacant cartouche on the back. The case has a large button on one side of the case and a slide on the other. The case is in 95% mint condition.

Dial – the white enamel dial has a pair of blue steel hands and blue steel pointers with an additional gilt pointer. The dial has many different functions. The main dial shows the usual 2 revolutions a day. The dial to the side of the 3 is the sidereal dial indicating 24 hours and does 1 revolution a day. Above the 6 is the seconds dial which has a blue steel sub seconds hand however in this dial there is an additional gilt hand and this can be operated separately by a slide on the case. This can stop and start this hand independently to the other seconds hand creating a split seconds function. By the side of the 9 is a register dial and this has a reset button to the side. The dial is in 95% mint condition – small marks only The watch has a mineral glass

£1950 including shipping -