4.32 16 Size 22 Jewel Hamilton 4992B 24 Hour Dial Military Pocket Watch. Open Face. 51mm. Stem Wound / Stem Set. Circa 1940

Movement – this high grade nickel ¾ plate movement has a lever escapement with a micrometer regulator, a raised centre seconds wheel on the top plate and capped jewel settings. The movement features a hacking function – when you pull out the winder to set the hands, the balance will stop enabling you to synchronize with other timepieces. The movement is decorated with slanted straight line damascening. The movement is signed “Hamilton Watch Co, Lancaster, Pa, USA, 22 Jewels, 4992B, Adjusted Temp & 6 Positions” # 4064039. The movement is in 99% mint condition

Case – the movement comes in a base metal open face case, which has a screw off back and front. The back cover is engraved “Part No An 5740, MFRS PART NO 4992B, SERIAL NUMBER 239-43. CONTRACT 86366 Hamilton Watch Co” The case is in 75% mint condition – the usual scratches found on these ex military cases.

Dial – the black matt dial has a full set of white painted hands and has a 24 hour dial where the hands make on rotation every 24 hours instead of one. The dial is signed “GCT” and is in 100% mint condition. The watch has a mineral glass

£495 including shipping -