5.7 Solid 18K Gold MOONPHASE Hunter Pocket Watch By Muller. Hunter. Key Wound /Key Set. Circa 1840

Movement – this is a larger than usual Gilt bridge movement with a cylinder escapement. It is signed “Muller Geneve” and is in 95% mint condition – some light scratches

Case – the movement comes in an 18K Hunter case, which has a hinged inner, back and front cover. The front cover pops open to 90 degrees when you press the button in on the stem. The case is decorated with coin edged sides, engine turning and is in 100% mint condition

Dial – the fine silver dial has a crescent shaped aperture partially revealing a rotating blue steel disc. This is decorated with gold stars in the form of the constellations and a beautiful gold moon disc. This revolves with the passing hours and can also be set with a lever on the side of the bezel. The dial is then decorated with beautifully engraved astronomical symbols and also a terrestrial and celestial globe. The dial is purposely slightly off centre which allows for a border of engine turning. The dial has blue steel hands and is signed “J Muller a Geneve” and is in 95% mint condition – tiny marks only The watch has a mineral glass

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