6.13 Silver Fancy Gold Enamel Dial Fob Watch. Open Face. 35mm. Stem Wound / Pin Set. Circa 1880

Please note if you are looking for a ladies watch for regular use, this is not the watch for you. Cylinder movements are unreliable and not highly accurate. This one works well however and keeps time to within 15 minutes a day but is not suitable for every day use Movement – this is a gilt bridge movement with a cylinder escapement and is in 99% mint condition – Very clean

Case – the movement comes in a silver open face case, which has a hinged inner, back and snap on bezel. The case is profusely decorated with rich floral engraving and is in 95% mint condition –very clean

Dial – the white enamel dial is decorated with a border of gold points and in the centre there is more gold and silver enamel decoration in a snow drop pattern. The dial is in 100% mint condition. The watch has a good mineral glass.

£250 including shipping -