8.4 Early Gilt Chatelaine With Seal, large split ring and Slide. Circa 1830

This is a gold cased / plated watch chain not solid gold. The chatelaine is made up of a long length of mesh link chain with a dog clip at one end and a simple loop at the other. The chain loops through a super elongated slide with two raised bands decorated with slanted coin edging. This slide can move up and down the chain or the chain can be pulled through the slide thus making the chatelaine very long indeed or of two strands of similar lengths. The chain also loops through a mush larger gilt loop, which although a different style to the slide is decorated with the same decoration. Also attached to this large loop is a large gilt split ring also decorated with slanted coin edge decoration. Attached to the split ring is a matching gold cased seal. The seal has a domed base with ribbed detailing topped with a little ball. The seal is set with a white opaque stone this is a little patchy in colour as the metal from behind is showing through. The seal has a simple strut handle and suspension loop with ribbed detailing. The seal measures 19mm x 15mm on the base x 25mm high. The chain measures from end to end 44cm or 22cm if doubled as shown in the images The whole item is in 90% mint condition some light wear but overall very clean and a good piece.

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