19th - 20th August New Updates

Thursday 11th August 2022 at 14:28

I am escaping the hot weather here in London and I am back off to Wales for a week. I’m looking forward to finally dipping my toes in the sea this year and also visiting the Pembrokeshire County Show.

Consequently, as before, I will leave the website open for business but orders will not be dispatched until Monday 22/08.

However I am back in London on the 19/08 and I will be doing a big site update. 

I will be listing a single owner collection of American pocket watches with some really interesting and unusual pieces. From US Military pieces to the rarer brands and some inexpensive pocket watches also

Also there will be approximately 30 verge pocket watch movements and a huge selection of solid gold, silver and gold plated watch chains plus pocket watch keys and fobs.

I am hoping that I can upload this all on Friday 19/08 but as I am travelling back in between two train strikes so heaven knows what time I will arrive in London on that day. So, updates may not happen until the 20/08 but of course emails will be sent out to those on our mailing list. So, I hope you all have a lovely week like I plan to! Best wishes, Bettina