16 Size 23 Jewel Hamilton 950B Pocket watch c1957

16 Size 23 Jewel Hamilton 950B Pocket watch c1957

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This is an American Railroad pocket watch made by the Hamilton Watch co circa 1952

These watches are considered to be the finest railroad pocket watches ever produced ad are the most sought after amongst the collectors of fine Railroad watches

Hamilton made two B models, the 992B and the 950B. Both watches used the finest hairspring at the time, which was an Elinvar hairspring, however the 950B used an Elinvar Extra hairspring making it, the best mass produced watch of its time or possibly since.

George Daniels, the master horologist, used this hairspring in his masterpieces

Movement – the high grade nickel bridge movement has a lever escapement with a micrometer regulator, gold capped escape wheel and lever and gold jewel settings. The movement is jewelled to the mainspring and has an Elinvar mainspring as described above. The movement has pinstripe damascening with circular damascening on the winding wheels/ The movement is signed “Hamilton Watch Co, USA, Adj temp & 6 positions, 950B, 23 Jewels” S21608. The movement is in 100% mint condition – superb condition

Case – the movement comes in a model A, 10K Gold filled open face case, which has a screw off back and bezel. The case has milled edges, with raised circular motifs with a smooth plain finish on the back. The case is in 90% mint condition – light scratches on the back and one small raised circle on the back bezel has been deep marks .

Dial – the melamine dial is single sunk and has a striking pair of blue steel hands. The Montgomery style dial is signed “Hamilton, Railway Special” and is in 99% mint condition.

The watch measures 50mm x 15mm deep

The watch has a flat bulls eye glass

The watch is stem wound / lever set