35s Model 22 Hamilton Deck watch w/ original outer boxes c1942

35s Model 22 Hamilton Deck watch w/ original outer boxes c1942

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This is a rare example of a Hamilton Model 22 deck watch which comes with its deck box and original huge outer box and strap. Unfortunately at some time moisture has penetrated the box (this is a Navy piece) and the green felt has discoloured the dial, back of the case and there is a light green hue on the movement too. However the watch is working perfectly.

Movement – large 35 size ¾ plate movement is decorated with striped damascening and features a micrometer regulator. It is signed “Hamilton Watch Co, Model 22 – 21 Jewels, Adj to Temp & 6 Pos, Made in USA, US Navy – BU. SHIPS – 1942, 2F14705 and is in 90% mint condition – light green marks on the jewel settings and top of the mainspring.


The watch features a patent hand setting device. To set the hand press in the pin at the side and simultaneously pull the winder out. Then set the hands and push the winder back in. Thus preventing the winder moving out by mistake and altering the hands.


The watch also has a 54 hour mainspring.


Case – massive metal base case has a snap on inner and a screw on back cover. The case has a smooth plain finish and is in 80% mint condition – no wear but the back of the case has turned a different colour from sitting in the green bieze


Dial – silvered dial has a wind indicator function under the 12 and is signed “Hamilton Lancaster, PA – USA”. The dial is in 80% mint condition – the dial has a green hue. I have tried a gentle clean and the green hue does come off but I did not want to clean this with any solvent and cause more damage


The watch has a plastic glass.

The watch itself measures 70mm wide x 21nn deep.



Box – the movement comes in its original wooden box, which has a hook and locking device. The box has a plastic window so that the dial is visible when the box is locked up. The box is lined with green felt which despite any previous moisture is in perfect condition. The front glass however has turned yellow with age. 

 On the front is a metal plate with hand setting instructions.

The box measures 125mm wide x 150mm long x 53mm deep. The box has a few scratches but is in generally excellent condition and will look much improved by a new glass in the front or even removing it entirely.

This box then comes in the original protective case which measures 230mm x 210mm wide x 120mm high. The box has a slightly flared wooden base with screw holes allowing the piece to be screwed into position. The box is lined with more green velvet and has a Hamilton plaque on the front. The box is held together by its original leather strap.

This is a hard to find accessory.

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