85s Hamilton Chronometer M#21 fusee detent escapement gimball box 1941

85s Hamilton Chronometer M#21 fusee detent escapement gimball box 1941

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This is a Hamilton Model 21 Chronometer with a fusee movement, detent escapement and a helical hairspring. It comes in its original three- tiered box with gimbals, locking device, key. It is 100% original and a very hard to find Second World War piece.

When this chronometer was made, it was considered to be the finest mass produced chronometer and when you see the enormous movement and the quality, you can understand why.

Movement – the huge 85s size movement has a large fusee chain, a detent escapement, a HUGE steel helical hairspring and an even bigger adjusted balance. The movement is signed “Model 21 14 Jewels, Hamilton Watch Co, Lancaster, Penna, Made in USA, 5633-1941”

The movement is in 99% mint condition – near perfect condition

Dial – the huge silvered dial has blue steel hands, a winding indicator function for 46 hours and a seconds hand which takes two beats to each second. The dial is signed “Hamilton, Lancaster, PA N-5633-1941” and is in 95% mint condition – superb condition

The movement sits in a weighted brass gimballed mount. To access the movement, you unscrew the bezel and lift the movement out carefully.

The gimbals have a locking device and the gimbals have fine adjustments to.

The back of the case has a sprung cover so that when the watch is not being wound, it slides back into its original hermetic position

The chronometer also comes with its original massive brass key

The box has a main base, then a middle section which closes over the chronometer with a viewing glass and then a lid

The box has several Hamilton plaques, brass handles and corners.

The box measures 190mm x 190mm x 190mm and is in 95% mint condition – the brass furniture have gone a little dark and worn in places and could be improved by a polish but as it stands, this has original honest wear and is a superb piece

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