Rare 16 size 17 Jewel Waltham Canadian Pacific Railway watch c1913

Rare 16 size 17 Jewel Waltham Canadian Pacific Railway watch c1913

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This is a very rare variant of the Canadian Pacific Railway pocket watch as it is a 16 size instead of the more common but still scarce, 18 size. This watch has a production run of 200 in a total production run of 1750

Movement – the M#1908 nickel bridge movement has a lever escapement with a micrometer regulator. The movement has gold train wheels and raised gold jewel settings. The movement is signed “Waltham, Mass, adj 5 positions, 17 Jewels” # 19002374 and has the famous beaver topped shield logo signed “Canadian Pacific Railway”. The movement is in 95% mint condition

Case – the movement comes in a 10K gold filled open face case by Fortune which has a screw off back and bezel. The case has striped engraving with a vacant diamond shaped cartouche. The case has a smooth plain finish on the sides and is in 95% mint condition – the back cover is quite still and almost impossible to align the cartouche with the winder squarely

Dial – the white enamel dial is double sunk and has the attractive feature of a Montgomery style outer ring and an inner Canadian market 24 hour inner chapter ring. The dial is signed “Waltham” and is in 100% mint condition

The watch has a mineral glass

The watch measures 50mm wide x 13mm deep

The watch is stem wound / lever set