Rare Elgin pocket watch with a convertible movement. c1891

Rare Elgin pocket watch with a convertible movement. c1891

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This is an American made pocket watch by Elgin which has what is called a convertible movement. These movements could be put in hunter or open face cases and converted into a hunter or open face depending on the case and dial configuration. However due to the unusual lever setting device, these movements were deeper in thickness than other 16s movements of the time and so could not be put into any case like other American movements of the period. Specific cases were made for these watch movements and so cased versions of these watches are consequently quite rare.

Another strange feature of these Elgin convertible movements is the lever setting device. When engaged the lower larger wheel, on the side of the mainspring, lifts up to engage with the middle wheel and set the hands. Once finished and the lever setting slots back in place, this wheel lowers itself back to its original position


Movement - This is a three finger bridge 16 size 15 Jewel Model 2, Grade 86.

The movement has a lever escapement, a micrometer regulator and is decorated with damascening. The movement is signed “Elgin Nat’l Watch Co, Adjusted, 4329351”.

The movement is in 95% mint condition.

Case – the movement comes in a silver open face case, which has a screw off back and bezel. The case is signed Fahys Coin, Pat Feb 19th 1884. The case has a smooth plain finish and is in 85% mint condition – little marks and bruises plus the bow has been changed

Dial – the white enamel dial is signed “Elgin Natl Watch Co” and is in 99% mint condition

The watch has a mineral glass

The watch measures 50mm wide x 18mm deep

The watch is stem wound / lever set