Wooden and gilt Boulle pocket watch stand c1800

Wooden and gilt Boulle pocket watch stand c1800

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£1,250.00 Approx $1578.28, €1456.88, ¥11261.26

This is a rare pocket watch stand decorated with Boulle work.

The stand is made from a fixed back and two hinged side panels and a hinged front panel. 

The stand and watch can either be displayed flat and hung on a wall or with the side panels upright and displayed on a desk or flat surface.

The stand has a folding brass panel hook on the back with catch

The front and sides are decorated with ornate brass inlay against the red veneer. Figures include a lady and gent and a boar. Either side of the aperture for the watch is a dog.

On the folding panels there are deer.

The stand is further decorated with elaborate flowers and leaves and also some mother of pearl flowers.

The back panel has gilt edging set with mother of pearl and abalone.

The watch is best suited to a key wound watch from the 1800s which measures 50mm – 54mm wide

The stand, when flat measures 126mm x 108mm x 32mm

The stand is in 80% mint condition – there is some veneer and wire work missing on one side