Wooden and studded pocket watch box c1890

Wooden and studded pocket watch box c1890

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This is a Victorian pocket watch box which has a hinged lid and a hinged area for the pocket watch which is lined with purple velvet. This holder hinges upwards and behind is a strut allowing the watch to be displayed in an upright position within the box if desired. The box takes a watch with a diameter 50mm however crucially the watch must be a key wound example as there is not enough room for a winding crown.

The inner watch holder is then decorated with brass stud work. This stud work is then repeated on the lid and sides with the lid having 10 rows of approx 54 studs on the lids and then more on the edges also. The box also has the nice addition of a brass plaque and escutcheon with locking key.

The box measures 85mm x 70mm x 40mm and is in 95% mint condition