Atlam Updates

Thursday 3rd March 2022 at 12:17

I haven’t posted any updates for quite some time and after many requests I will be using this Blog page a monthly basis.

Our latest updates will be tomorrow, 4th March with a good selection of American railroad watches and some very unusual pieces.

Our full list of updates for March are:

4th March – Railroad watches plus assorted unusual pocket watches

18th March – 30 assorted watch fobs and accessories

25th March – 12 American pocket watch movements inc railroad grades and 28 pocket watches in need of restoration

I will post April website updates towards the end of March

During the past 2 years, our film work has been slow due to the onging pandemic but we still managed to provide watches and chains for the BBC production “Around the World in 80 days”

In the last few months we are getting involved in some really exciting film and TV projects – more details to come.