Early Cut Steel Chatelaine with accessories c1750

Early Cut Steel Chatelaine with accessories c1750

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This is an early cut steel chatelaine. The upper part has a fixed steel tongue.

This upper area is a cut steel frame decorated with cut steel ball / rivets of different sizes.

Hanging from this frame are 4 lengths of chain. Two hang freely on the side, the other two are joined to a central round cut steel frame. This is also decorated with cut steel balls and rivets. Hanging from this are 4 lengths of chain – two which now hang freely and two which are attached to a cut steel terminus mount with polished bevel edges.

Each length of chain is decorated with fine cut steel polished links and terminate in an early style steel dog clip.

Hanging from the chatelaine are 1 cut steel pocket watch key with a facet cut centre and a handle decorated with applied and raised cut steel Tudor roses. There is also a cut steel seal with ribbed milled detailing and a split ring. In the centre an early cut steel corkscrew. Then a steel whistle and finally a steel crank key

The chatelaine measures 160mm x 40mm and is in 95% mint condition throughout