Steel Split seconds Rattrapante pocket watch by Moser c1910

Steel Split seconds Rattrapante pocket watch by Moser c1910

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This is a RUSSIAN pocket watch made by Henry Moser  & Co

The watch has a split seconds chronograph function where the watch has a start, stop, reset and fly back function with register and the two hands either work in unison or independently. These are operated by the button on the winder and the button on the side of the case. This highly complicated watch is also known as a Rattrapante.

Hy Moser and Cie was founded in 1828 by Heinrich Moser in St Petersburg, Russia. Notable clients were Russian princes and members of the Imperial court. Vladimir Lenin also owned a Moser pocket watch. The company was expropriated in the October Revolution of 1918. This watch was produced just before this.

Movement – the nickel ¾ plate movement has a lever escapement with exposed steel work for the split seconds chronograph function. The movement has a high jewel count and is in 95% mint condition

Case – the movement comes in a steel open face case, which has a hinged inner, back and bezel. The inner cover is signed “Hy Moser & Cie, No 1395” and is also signed in Cyrillic.

The case has a smooth plain finish and is in 95% mint condition

Dial – the white enamel dial has a full set of blue steel hands with two centre seconds hands and a 30 minute register. The dial is signed “Hy Moser & Cie” and is in 95% mint condition – an almost invisible hairline on the 9

The watch has a mineral glass

The watch measures 52mm x 18mm

The watch is stem wound / pin set