World War Two Military timer by Waltham c1943

World War Two Military timer by Waltham c1943

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This is not a pocket watch, this is a timer only.

The timer has a start, stop, fly back and reset function with the main timer hand recording 10 seconds and the register recording 10 x 10 seconds.

Movement – nickel movement has balance which when the timer is activate rocks backwards and forwards very quickly, almost vibrating. The movement is signed “Waltham, USA, 16’43-TA, Nine Jewels, 31717749. The movement is in 95% mint condition

Case – the movement comes in a chrome case, which has a snap on inner, screw on back and bezel. The case is engraved on the back with various military markings and part numbers. The case has a smooth plain finish and is in 80% mint condition – the back is scratched and is usually found on military watches

Dial – the black paint on metal dial has clear markings from 1-10 and a 5 -10 minute register. The dial is in 100% mint condition

The watch has a plastic glass

The watch measures 51mm x 17mm deep