Rare Regulator dial verge. Atwood, London c1810

Rare Regulator dial verge. Atwood, London c1810

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£550.00 Approx $696.2, €641.77, ¥5045.87

This is such a lovely movement in need of a case

This pocket watch has a good balance and chain and will tick with a good strong action. 

The stop start lever on the side also works

Movement – the gilt full plate fusee movement has a verge escapement with a 3 arm steel balance and large diamond endstone and a blue steel and steel regulator.

 The movement is decorated with a pierced watch cock. The movement is signed “R Attwood, London, No 116”. The movement is in 90% mint condition – light scratches but still a superb example.

The movement has its original gilt dust cap

Dial – the rare white enamel dial has concentric overlapping dials (no hands) and is in 99% mint condition

The movement measures 48mm x 13.6mm

The movement is key wound / key set