Georgian English silver PAIR CASE verge by DWERRIHOUSE & CARTER c1803

Georgian English silver PAIR CASE verge by DWERRIHOUSE & CARTER c1803

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This is an English silver pair cased verge with hallmarks for London 1803

The movement has a good balance and chain but the watch is fully wound and will only tick for a few moments

Movement – this top quality gilt full plate verge movement has cylindrical pillars and a finely pierced watch cock with a large diamond endstone. The movement also has a silvered steel regulator disc. The movement is signed “Dwerrihouse & Carter, Berkeley Square, 6002”. The movement is in 95% mint condition – a beautiful example

Inner case – the movement comes in an English silver inner case, which has a bezel. The movement is wound from the back, set from the front and accessed from the front also. The case has a smooth plain finish with the usual groove from the outer and some light bruise son the back. The case is in 90% mint condition – good condition

Case – the original and matching outer case has a smooth plain finish. The case in 90% mint condition – some light scratches and marks on the back but it is good to see that the case still has its original domed button on the clasp as these are normally worn

Dial – the white enamel dial has a pair of gilt hands and is in 98% mint condition – some light marks

The watch has a bulls eye glass.

The watch is key wound / key set and comes with old period keys

The watch measures 53mm x 24mm