Large English silver fusee centre seconds with wind indicator c1906

Large English silver fusee centre seconds with wind indicator c1906

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This is a verge large English silver pocket watch with hallmarks for Chester 1906

The watch has a stop start function usually used by Doctors for measuring a pulse.

The watch also has a 30 hour wind indicator on the dial

Movement – the gilt ¾ plate fusee movement has a lever escapement with a compensated balance. The movement has a stop start function activated by a slide on the side of the case. The movement is signed “Thos Russell & Son, Makers to Queen Victoria, Liverpool” # 109425 and is in 95% mint condition – light cloudy stains

Case – the movement comes in a very large English silver open face case, which has a hinged inner, back and bezel.  The watch is wound and set from the back and accessed from the back also. The case has a large crest on the back with a smooth plain finish on the rest of the case and coin edged sides. The case has gold furniture and the case is in 90% mint condition – the back cover leans a little past 90 degrees; apart from that an impressive case in excellent condition

Dial – the off white enamel dial has a pair of gilt hands and a blue steel sweep hand for the centre seconds function and blue steel pointer for the wind indicator.

The dial is signed “Thos Russell & Son, 12 Church St, Liverpool” and is in 99% mint condition

The watch has a mineral glass

The watch measures 60mm wide x 19mm deep

The watch is key wound / key set and comes with a key.