Top Quality English Doctors verge Hunter by DUDLEY, Portsmouth c1810

Top Quality English Doctors verge Hunter by DUDLEY, Portsmouth c1810

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£650.00 Approx $797.55, €756.69, ¥5327.87

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This verge pocket watch is known as a Doctors watch as it has a sub seconds dial and a working stop / start lever used by physicians to measure a patients pulse

This verge ticks and runs to the length of its chain but gains several hours a day.

Movement – the beautiful gilt full plate verge movement has a stunning pierced watch cock with an anchor and flag emblem amidst the pierced work. The movement is signed “Jos Dudley, Portsmouth, 31429. The movement is further decorated with bright cut engraving on the top plate and a silvered regulator disc. The movement is in 99% mint condition -superb condition

Case - the watch comes in a silver hunter case, which has a hinged bezel, back and front. The watch is wound and set from the front and swings out from the front also. The case has a smooth plain finish and is in 80% mint condition – the front cover is in excellent condition; the back cover has many small dents and marks

Dial – the white enamel dial has a pair of gilt hands and a blue steel sub seconds hand. The dial is in 85% mint condition – there is a flake in the centre and a hairline near the winding hole.

The watch has a mineral glass

The watch measures 57mm wide x 21mm deep

The watch is key wound / key set and comes with a key