Georgian intaglio “Our Trust and Hope” c1810

Georgian intaglio “Our Trust and Hope” c1810

Code: AM50


This is an unmounted intaglio.

It is made of glass and was designed to be used with hot wax for sealing letters.

I have made an impression of this intgalio using hot wax to show that the intaglio works as intended and also to give a clearer image of the intaglio.

The wax impression comes in a small plastic case and is included with the purchase of this piece


This is an unmounted intaglio and is made from a thick square piece of glass

The top quality intaglio is of an all seeing eye and anchor with the words in reverse “Our trust and hope”

Also 125 has been etched in one side 

The intaglio measures 15mm x 13mm x 7.7mm and is in 90% mint condition – some scratches and chips on the reverse