16 size 17 Jewel Waltham 2 tone Riverside hunter pocket watch c1896

16 size 17 Jewel Waltham 2 tone Riverside hunter pocket watch c1896

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This is an American pocket watch made by Waltham circa 1896

It is a particularly desirable watch has  it has a two tone Riverside movement.

Movement – the model 1888 movement has a lever escapement with a micrometer regulator, raised gold jewel settings and is decorated with two tone damascening. The movement is signed “A.W.W.Co. Riverside, Waltham, Mass, Adjusted 17 Jewels” # 6556532.

The movement is in 95% mint condition – some small marks on the winding wheels

Case – the movement comes in a gold plated full hunter which is unusual stamped Pat’d Dec 7 86 on the rim around the movement.

The case has a hinged inner, back and front cover and the front cover pops open crisply to 90 degrees when you press the winder in. The case is decorated with floral engraving on the back and front. The case is in 95% mint condition. Please note that the movement feels slightly loose in the case but is secure I can assure you. It is also the original case to movement and this may have been a slightly experimental piece due to the Patent marks on the rim

Dial – the white enamel dial has a full set of blue steel hands and is double sunk. The dial is signed “American Waltham” and has an outer chapter ring with red five minute marks. The dial is in 100% mint condition

The watch has a mineral glass

The watch is stem wound / stem set

The watch measures 52mm wide x 13mm deep