Beautiful 18K gold cast case pocket watch. By M Tobias c1837

Beautiful 18K gold cast case pocket watch. By M Tobias c1837

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This is particularly rare pocket watch as the case is decorated with a gold cast case. This is different to repousse work where the decoration is pressed out from behind. This case has raised gold decoration, similar in style to a repousse case but this decoration is solid cast gold 

This beautiful watch has clear hallmarks for Chester 1837 and clear assay marks for 18K gold

Movement – the gilt full plate fusee movement has a rack lever escapement with a 30 tooth escape wheel and a steel balance with a large diamond endstone. The movement is signed “M J Tobias, Liverpool, 2421” The watch cock is decorated with raised floral detailing and is signed “Patent”. The movement is in 100% mint condition

Case – the movement comes in a top quality 18K gold open face case, which has a hinged back and bezel. The watch is wound from the back, set from the front and swings out from the front also. The case is decorated on the back with a raised cast scene of eros pointing a bow and arrow. Underneath his feet is another cherub holding a burning torch and a mirror. Again at his feet is a quiver full of arrows. The rest of the back is decorated with flowers, grapes on the vine and more foliage. This decoration is continued on the cast sides, bow and stem. Consequently all this additional gold on the casting makes this a heavier than average watch. The case is in 95% mint condition – some very slight rubbing to the faces

Dial – the solid 18K gold dial has polished gold numbers on a brushed gold background. The dial is in 90% mint condition – 1 noticeable scratch

The watch has a mineral glass

The watch is key wound / key set and comes with a key

The watch measures 45mm wide x 20mm deep