English silver half hunter pocket watch by Kendal & Dent c1924

English silver half hunter pocket watch by Kendal & Dent c1924

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£695.00 Approx $879.75, €810.97, ¥6376.15

This is an English silver pocket watch with a Swiss movement madefor the esteemed company Kendal & Dent by Dimier Freres & Cie (DF & C). This is one of their highest quality mass produced movements. The English silver case has hallmarks for Birmingham 1924

Movement – high quality gilt ¾ plate movement has a gold finish with fish scale damascening. The movement has a lever escapement with a patent micrometer regulator and is capped on the first wheel. The movement has screwed, gold jewel settings and is signed “The Kendentick, 19 Jewels, 5 Adj, DF & C, Swiss Made”. The movement is in 95% mint condition

Case – the movement comes in a silver half hunter case, by Dennison which has a hinged inner, back and front cover. The front cover pops open to 80 degrees when you press on the winder. The case has a blue enamel chapter ring and is decorated with coin edged sides, engine turning and a vacant crest on the back. The case is in 80% mint condition – several dents and bruises on the back cover which is reflected in the price

Dial – the white enamel dial has a full set of blue steel hands and is signed “Kendal & Dent, London, Makers to the Admiralty, The Kentdentick, Swiss Made”. The dial is in 95% mint condition

The watch has a mineral glass over the dial and one in the front cover

The watch measures 52mm wide x 13mm deep

The watch is stem wound / stem set