Rare Detent chronometer half beating pocket watch. Brosse, No 12 c1840

Rare Detent chronometer half beating pocket watch. Brosse, No 12 c1840

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This watch is sold in our Watches for restoration section and does not come with a warranty. If you are looking for watch with a full warranty, please go to our Stock page or ask for assistance to find what you are looking for.

This is a French pocket watch made by Brosse, Bordeaux. He was more known for his clocks and made very few pocket watches; presumably why this example is so large.

This chronometer has an unusually large balance with a pronounced arc. As the watch ticks, it makes two ticks for movement of the seconds hand – a half beat.

The watch will work well for 24 or more hours but also can stop and start. This is the reason we are selling it under our watches for restoration section as we are not selling it with a warranty.

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Movement – the large gilt ¾ plate movement has a going barrel instead of a fusee. The movement has a spring detent with a very large gold balance wheel. The movement is signed “Brosse, No 12” and is in 95% mint condition

 Case – the movement comes in a metal open face case. Whether this is the original case or not, is hard to say as you maybe have expected to see a movement of this calibre in a gold case. However remember this is a much bigger movement than normal and with such a low serial number may have been an early prototype and cased humbly.  This is not a case made to fit this movement rather a case made for this movement as the fit and dimensions are perfect however you do need to remove the bezel to set the hands. The metal case has an oversized bow and a gilt ring within the bezel which frames the dial. The case has a hinged inner and back cover and a snap on bezel. The case has a smooth plain finish and is in 95% mint condition

Dial – the silvered dial has an off set watch dial and sub seconds dial. The dial is signed Brosse and is decorated with brushed silver, engine turned silver and polished silver. The dial is in 95% mint condition

The watch measures 67mm wide x 20mm deep

The watch has a mineral glass

The watch is key wound / key set and comes with a key