Silver Jacquemart Automata repeater verge pocket watch c1810

Silver Jacquemart Automata repeater verge pocket watch c1810

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This Swiss pocket watch has repeater function, activated by pressing down on the stem. When you do this, the two figures on the dial, “move” their arms to “strike” the bells on the dial in sync with the repeater.

To hear and see this in action please copy the link below into your browser to take you to a short video.


Please note that this is a verge fusee pocket watch and incredibly delicate. The watch has been cleaned and serviced but is gaining 30 minutes a day. Also, we do not offer a full guarantee on these watches. Should the fusee chain break, this repair will be charged to you at cost and we will not accept returns if the chain is broken.

Movement – the gilt full plate fusee movement has a verge escapement with a pierced watch cock and a silver regulator disc. The movement has a stem activated quarter repeater function with two hammers striking on the inner gongs. The movement is in 95% mint condition

The movement is protected by a gilt dust cap, signed “Freres Wiss & Menu a Geneve”. This springs open by depressing a catch on the side

Case – the movement comes in a silver open face case, which has a hinged back and bezel. The case has coin edged sides and traces of engine turning on the back. The case is in 80% mint condition – the engine turning has faded through use on the back

Dial – the blue enamel dial has a white central enamel dial with blue steel hands and is signed “Freres Wiss & Menu a Geneve”. The dial is decorated with applied gold and silver work with two figures flanking the central dial. As the watch chimes the figures move their arms “striking” the bells. The dial is in 100% mint but the enamel has been restored

The watch has a bulls eye mineral glass

The watch measures 56mm wide x 22mm deep

The watch is key wound / key set and comes with a key