First World War Invicta Royal Flying Corps pocket watch c1914

First World War Invicta Royal Flying Corps pocket watch c1914

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This is a rare Aviation issue pocket watch made by Invicta for the Royal Flying Corps and were used in cockpits during the First World War. The watches at the time were so expensive pilots were told. “If you crash, grab the watch”

This watch has an elongated stem, so that one mounted in a cockpit, the watch could be wound without removing it from its mount. The bow has been added later so that the watch can be worn

Movement – the gilt ¾ plate movement has a lever escapement. The movement is signed “Invcita Mfg Co, La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland” and is in 90% mint condition – light scratches and cloudy stains

Case – the movement comes in a white metal case, which has a hinged inner, snap on back and bezel. The case is marked on the back with an A and broad arrow.

The inside of the back cover is signed “Invicta”. The case has a smooth plain finish and is in 90% mint condition – externally the case is in excellent condition however the inner has a large scratch

Dial – the black enamel metal dial has silvered numerals and signature. The dial has silvered hands and is signed “30 Hours, Non Luminous, Mark V, BD 1643” and is in 99% mint condition – a tiny hairline from the hands to the sub seconds

The watch has a synthetic glass 

The watch measures 51mm wide x 17mm deep

The watch is stem wound / stem set