Superb Georgian Seal. DO NOT TARRY BUT MARRY c1810

Superb Georgian Seal. DO NOT TARRY BUT MARRY c1810

Code: AM8


This is seal was designed to be used with hot wax for sealing letters.

I have made an impression of this seal using hot wax to show that the seal works as intended and also to give a clearer image of the intaglio.

The wax impression comes in a small plastic case and is included with the seal.


This seal is damaged. The handle has broken off but this is such a delightful intaglio that it is deserving of restoration.

The gilt shank has an oval base set with a foil backed light orange stone with the words in reverse “Do not tarry but marry” 

There is also a wedding band between the two lines

I can only presume that this seal was struck with such force when making a wax impression that the handle broke off!

The base has a ribbed design and there is half the strut handle remaining

The seal base measures 15mm x 11mm

The seal has obvious damage.