15K Gold Breguet pocket watch key c1820

15K Gold Breguet pocket watch key c1820

Code: 9.377

£75.00 Approx $94.94, €87.51, ¥688.07

This is a solid 15K gold on metal pocket watch key. It has been test for gold and is 15K but has no assay marks or hallmarks. The metal core is covered with a thin layer of gold

The key has a carved flat handle with an internal ratchet allowing a watch to be wound in one direction only. 

However this has seized and the handle has been set with a cabochon amethyst on one side – but the other side clearly had a stone but this is now missing and just shows glue

The steel winding end is covered with a gold sleeve. This has a small split on the sleeve

The key is a size 3-2 approx and measures 30mm long x 7mm wide. 

The key has a suspension loop. 

The key has damage as described above but the value is in the gold content and amethyst stone