Quality Victorian pocket watch key 1850

Quality Victorian pocket watch key 1850

Code: 9.637

£175.00 Approx $221.52, €204.2, ¥1605.5

This is a Victorian pocket watch key and is of better quality then normal with a high gold content.

The gold on metal pocket watch key has a long flared body decorated with engraving and has a solid gold suspension loop in the middle – this rotates a full 360 degrees.

The key has a flared oval shaped base set with a green blood stone – this has some scratches.

The other end of the key has a metal core covered with a gold sleeve and is a size 2-3 – a little worn.

The key measures 45mmx 13mm x 12mm and is in 90% mint condition – some wear to the suspension loop and winding end, apart from that a lovely quality gold key