Victorian stone set pocket watch key c1850

Victorian stone set pocket watch key c1850

Code: 9.513

£75.00 Approx $94.94, €87.51, ¥688.07

This is a Victorian pocket watch key. It is perfect for a charm bracelet and would also make an interesting pendant if grouped with some other pieces

The key is made from a gilt metal

The key has a suspension loop which is a loop on a gilt stem and taken from another key – not original

The key has a shield shaped carved body which is set with a red bloodstone on one side and a foil backed amethyst glass stone on the other.

The key has a steel winding end and is a size 1-0 approx

The key measures 32mm x 9mm x 5mm

The key is in 90% mint condition – in excellent condition but the suspension loop and top have been replaced