RARE Split seconds chronograph pocket watch Movement c1880

RARE Split seconds chronograph pocket watch Movement c1880

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This is a high quality movement probably made by Meylan and retailed by Bailey Banks and Biddle Philadeplhia

Ticking sluggishly on a full wind, good primary chronograph function apart from sweep-seconds-hands hands being set one second out of index, engaging the split-seconds push is currently causing the mvt to stop running, overhaul needed


Movement – the high quality nickel ¾ plate movement has a lever escapement and micrometer regulator. The movement has exposed steel work for the split seconds chronograph and is fully jewelled. The movement is signed “Adjusted, Bailey, Banks and Biddle, Philadelphia, Pat 1880, No 3667, Swiss”. The movement is in 90% mint condition – light marks and scratches

Dial – the white enamel has a pair of blue steel hands and a pair of chronograph hands. The dial is signed “Bailey, Banks and Biddle, Philadelphia” and is in 95% mint condition – 1 very faint hairline on the 7

The movement is stem wound / lever set

The movement measures 43.2mm x 10.5mm