British WWII military pocket watch by Recta c1940

British WWII military pocket watch by Recta c1940

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£195.00 Approx $247.78, €227.8, ¥1772.73

This is a Swiss pocket watch made for and sold by Recta and used by the British government during WWII

Movement – good quality nickel bridge movement has a lever escapement and is signed “Recta”. The movement is in 95% mint condition – excellent condition but one case screw is missing

Case – the movement comes in a base metal open face case, which has a screw on back and bezel. The case is engraved on the back GSTP,S  M12092 and also has the broad arrow British government mark. The case is in 70% mint condition – some pitted marks and plating missing but like all military cases, still perfectly useable

Dial – the black enamel dial has old luminous hands and luminous numbers. It is signed “Recta” and is in 95% mint condition – in a certain light you can see that the dial has ghost images from the hands where the old luminous paint has scarred the dial over the years.

The watch has a plastic glass

The watch measures 52mm wide x 14mm deep

The watch is stem wound / stem set