Detent chronometer pocket watch by DuBois & LeRoy c1890

Detent chronometer pocket watch by DuBois & LeRoy c1890

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£1,750.00 Approx $2204.03, €2044.39, ¥15909.09

This is a Swiss pocket watch. It is a true chronometer with a detent escapement.

Movement – the high quality nickel bridge movement has a pivoted detent escapement. The movement has a gold train, a gold escape wheel, gold capped detent, large raised gold jewel settings and wolf teeth winding wheels. The movement is in 95% mint condition

Case – the movement comes in a steel open face case, which has a hinged inner, back and snap on bezel. The case has a smooth plain finish and is in 90% mint condition – some light scratches and marks.

Dial – the white enamel dial has a beautiful set of gilt “Flower” hands with enamel leaves and the tips in the form of flower petals set with paste. The dial is signed “Dubois & LeRoy” and is in 98% mint condition – an invisible hairline on the 4-5

The watch measures 52mm wide x 14mm deep

The watch is stem wound / pin set – a stiff wind and set

The watch has a mineral glass