GCT 24 hour dial pocket watch with Wind Indicator by Agassiz c1940

GCT 24 hour dial pocket watch with Wind Indicator by Agassiz c1940

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This pocket watch is made by the Swiss house Agassiz.

The watch has a 24 hour dial; the hands make one revolution every 24 hours and it also has the rare addition of a wind indicator function

G.C.T. watches were used for navigational purposes on military airplanes. The U.S. Army Corps typically ordered these timepieces from American watch manufacturers such as Hamilton, Elgin and Waltham. With increased demand due to World War II., Swiss companies like Agassiz and Longines also supplied similar precision timepieces. Although this watch does not have any military markings it was more than likely made for military use

Movement – the high quality nickel bridge movement has a lever escapement with a patent micrometer regulator, capped lever and escape wheel and gold train wheels. The movement has a wheel positioned on the main bridge and this is for the centre seconds hand. The movement is signed “Agassiz Watch Co, Swiss, 21 Jewels, Adjusted to Temperature” # 226862. The movement is in 95% mint condition – a superb example

Case – the movement comes in a stainless steel open face case, which has a snap on inner cover, back and snap on bezel. The inside of the back cover is signed “1876 Agassiz, Swiss, 226862. The case has a filled area on the side. There is no evidence for a hacking function or similar on this watch. The case has a smooth plain finish and is in 95% mint condition – some very light scratches on the back

Dial – the silvered dial is a true 24 hour dial where the hands made one revolution every 24 hours. The dial has a full set of blue steel hands including a sweep centre seconds hand. The dial has a power reserve function or wind indicator function under the 24. The dial is signed “GCT” and is in 95% mint condition

The watch has a Perspex glass

The watch measures 53mm wide x 15mm deep

The watch is stem wound / stem set