Gunmetal Jump digital hour with revolving minutes pocket watch c1890

Gunmetal Jump digital hour with revolving minutes pocket watch c1890

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This is a Swiss pocket watch made circa 1890

This is typical of this period, where most who could afford to do so had a pocket watch. the Swiss in particular designed and devised many pocket watch with different dials and complications, hoping to entice customers to have the latest design, function or gadget.

Movement – the nickel bridge movement has a lever escapement and is signed “15 Jewels”. The movement is in 80% mint condition – a tarnished back plate

Case – the movement comes in a gunmetal open face case which has a hinged back, inner cover and a snap on bezel. The case has a smooth plain finish and gold furniture. The case is in 80% mint condition – the back has some of the gunmetal rubbed so there are patches of a light grey colour coming through the brown

Dial – the gilt dial is decorated with an elaborate raised floral border. The dial has a sub seconds with a blue steel pointed and two apertures above this. The first and larger aperture has a partially revealed disc showing the minutes. This revolves slowly. As this dial comes to 59-60 it triggers the display above. This smaller aperture partially reveals a disc showing the hours. These jump into place when the dial below reaches 59-60

The dial is in 90% mint condition – there are some scratches and marks on the revolving minutes dial

The watch has a synthetic glass

The watch measures 51mm wide x 16mm deep

The watch is stem wound / stem set