Hebdomas 8 day pocket watch with day and date calendar c1910

Hebdomas 8 day pocket watch with day and date calendar c1910

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This is a Swiss pocket watch with an 8 day mainspring and was made by Hebdomas. Not all 8 day pocket watches which have exposed balances and 8 day mainsprings were made by Hebdomas but this style of watch has become synonymous with the brand name no matter who produced it. These watches are notoriously un predictable due to the length of the mainspring. This watch has been cleaned and serviced and is keeping excellent time over a long duration. Under no circumstances must the back cover be removed as the spring would then unfurl and be impossible to put back correctly

Movement – the mainspring cover is signed “Hebdonas Watch Co, Switzerland, 8 Jours, 6 Jewels, 1 Adjustment”. The cover has some tarnish and marks.

Case – the movement comes in a white metal open face case, which has a hinged back and snap on front. The case has a metal bow. The case is in 95% mint condition – the bow is brassy but the rest of the case is in excellent condition

Dial – the white enamel dial has an exposed balance and regulator. The dial has a day and date function in two off set subsidiary dials. These change automatically every 24 hours or can be altered manually by levers underneath the bezel (this has to be removed). The dial has a full set of blue steel hands including a sweep centre seconds hand. The dial is signed “8 Days, Swiss, Bennett, New York”. The dial is decorated with silver enamel flowers and is in 99% mint condition

The watch has a mineral glass

The watch measures 49mm wide x 16mm deep

The watch is stem wound / stem set