MASSIVE 137mm Wide 8 Day Pocket Watch with ORIG Silver Case Circa 1910

MASSIVE 137mm Wide 8 Day Pocket Watch with ORIG Silver Case Circa 1910

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This is a massive “pocket” Watch which measures 137mm wide x 185mm long x 28mm deep and weighs without the leather carrying case, 1025g – just over 1Kg

I have taken several images with this watch and another “smaller” watch. The other watch is a classic 49mm wide watch. This is to give you an idea of how big this Giant sized watch is. Please note that the smaller watch is not included with watch

The watch comes with its original leather case, which stands upright and would stand on a desk.

The watch works well and keeps excellent time. It only loses less than a minute each day.

Movement – the gilt ¾ plate movement has a lever escapement and has an 8 day mainspring.  The movement is in 85% mint condition – a repair to the mainspring wheel and some marks and scratches

Case – the movement comes in a white metal open face case, which has a hinged inner, back and bezel. The case has a mirror finish inside and around the inside the bezel. The rest of the case has a smooth plain finish and is in 90% mint condition – light  scratches on the back and an overall matt dull finish which is normal for watches like these which have sat in a case for a while. They can be professionally polished up beautifully

Dial – the white enamel dial has a full set of blue steel hands and is signed “8 Days”. The dial is in 100% mint condition

The watch has its original glass

The watch is stem wound /pin set

The watch comes in its original leather case lined with green velvet and silk. The case has its original silver front with hallmarks for Birmingham 1911

The case measures 190mm x 180mm x 45mm

The silver is in excellent condition but the leather case is worn and scuffed in places but is still an excellent case and rare to find.