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Magnificent 18K Gold watch chain with key and intaglio seal c1850

£3,950.00 Approx $5433.29, €4625.29, ¥35585.59
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This is hugely impressive piece.

The chain and seal and key are 18K – they are not marked but have been tested and are at least solid 18K gold

The whole piece weighs 84.8g

The chain is made up of a length of wide fine gate mesh links. At one end is a gold split ring with a hinged and sprung bolt ring

At the other end is a mount decorated with rich carving with flowers, clams and leaves and a suspension loop. Hanging from this is a large carved split ring.

Hanging from this is a gold key set with a red hardstone on one side and a green bloodstone on the other. The key has a richly carved shank. The key measures 39mm wide x 16mm deep

Hanging from the split ring is a solid gold seal set with a citrine in the base. The citrine is decorated with an intaglio of a shield topped by a phoenix. The seal has a superbly cast shank with raised flowers, clams and leaves, matching the mount on the split ring.

The seal measures 37mm x 25mm x 22mm. 

The chain measures 250mm in length including the split rings x 10mm wide x 6mm thick and is ideal for using as a bracelet.

The whole piece is in 100% mint condition. Just superb.